Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to get help

Need help with the 23 things? There are various ways you can ask for assistance.
  • Everybody else is in the same boat as you; trying asking someone else for help.
  • Every campus has at least one 23 Things champion, who is there to help you when you're really stuck.
  • Leave comments on this blog asking for help and they will be answered!


Susan Roberts said...

Here is my blog. Is this the way I'm supposed to register it? I also have MySpace and Facebook but they can wait.

TRR said...

Thanks for the link Susan. When task number 3 comes up there will be a link to a form where people can fill in that information - but for anyone who's keen to start early, feel free to email me your blog link (trutter@swin.edu.au).

Jane Wilson said...

Hi Tom
Some staff at Wantirna are concerned that their Swinburne accounts will be more open to attack by hackers if they join social networking sites such as FaceBook and MySpace. They are particularly worried about attack by viruses.

I have noticed that my 23 things blog has had 2 random posts to it, that use part of my text. I set up the blog with me to approve comments so I have deleted these. Please comment.
Thanks Jane W

TRR said...

Hi Jane,

From a security point of view, MySpace and Facebook are sites outside of the Swinburne network, so they should be treated as such. For example, don't give too much personal information to them if you don't trust them.

The risk of virus infection from a website is affected most by factors such as whether you have a real time virus scanner (your Swinburne work computer does), you have the latest updates for your browser and operating system (your Swinburne computer downloads updates for Windows and Internet Explorer automatically), and you are sensible with websites.

Being sensible with websites includes not installing any "applications" or "exe files" to your computer, or "plug-ins", "add-ons", "codecs", or "extensions" to your browser without trusting where they came from.

This isn't an exhaustive guide to protecting yourself online, but I wanted to point out that these are issues you should be aware of (and probably already are aware of) when browsing any website - it isn't something that is particular to MySpace or Facebook.

If you are concerned about security online you can call the ITS service desk for Swinburne's position, for this has been my own point of view.

As for the spam comments you've received on your blog - this is an unfortunate part of owning a blog and you can deal with it by deleting the unwanted comments as soon as you can, or by enabling comment moderation so that you can catch unwanted comments before they appear on your blog. I've been deleting a few spam comments as I go.