Thursday, August 23, 2007

The 23 Things

Here are the 23 tasks. Return to this summary at any time using the 23 Things Swinburne button on the right.

As we progress through the program, each item in the list below will expand to become a link to more information.

Week 1: About 23 Things

1. Read about the 23 Things program

Week 2: Start a blog

2. Create your own blog and write something
3. Send us the link to your blog

Week 3: Blog comments and photo sharing

4. Comment on each others' blogs
5. Create a flickr account
6. Join a flickr group

Week 4: Play week

7. Play with a funny image generator
8. Play with LibraryThing

Week 5: RSS feeds and blogs

9. Set up a feed reader
10. Add some subscriptions
11. Subscribe to some blogs

Week 6: Get social

12. Explore MySpace and Facebook

Rest week

Congratulations, if you have completed all 12 Things so-far, you get a week off and a free gift!

Week 7: Google tools

13. Play with Google Maps
14. Play with Google Docs
15. Play with Google Book Search

Week 8: Google home page

16. Create your own iGoogle home page

Week 9: Social bookmarking and Library 2.0

17. Play with
18. Read about the Library 2.0 movement

Week 10: Wikis and video sharing

19. Put a photo of your pet on the wiki
20. Watch YouTube videos people have made about libraries

Week 11: Podcasts

21. Find and listen to a Podcast or two

Week 12: Second Life and libraries?

22. Read about Second Life and how libraries are using it

Week 13: 2007 conclusion

23. Give feedback about the program

Further tasks added in 2008

Introducing 23 Things + 5! 5 new tasks have been added to 23 Things for 2008:

1. Connect with colleagues using LinkedIn
2. Use VuFind to search a library catalogue
3. Use KartOO visual meta search engine
4. Try Voyage RSS feed reader
5. Read about the Semantic web


Nick Pavlovski said...

How far ahead can you work?
Do you have to do each weekly activity that week, orm can you race ahead? And can you do things out of order, becuase I already use some of these things?

TRR said...

Hi Nick,

You can race ahead if you would like to. Go ahead at your own pace. The only drawback is that there will be more information about what is required for future tasks that hasn't yet appeared on the site. The main thing is to make a blog post about each task, describing what the technology is, what you did and how it might be useful.

Kim said...

Part year people will not be able to keep to the schedule. I hope they wont be disadvantage and will go in to prize draw if they reach Week 6.

TRR said...

Yep, anyone who completes weeks 1-6 worth of tasks will get a double movie pass once they reach that stage. The prize draw at the end will be held a few weeks after part year staff return next year to give everyone plenty of time.

Eastern Funker said...

Well, I can see the "back half" of the tasks are not only going to possibly cause some people's identies (eg. iGoogle webpage) to become known, but also cause their blogs to talk about off-topic subjects (that is, if the blog is trying to discuss another topic rather than 23 Things).

Can some thought be given to this and alternatives be offered for those whom aren't blogging about 23 Things but are trying to cover the tasks in their blog?


TRR said...

Hi Eastern Funker, sorry for the slowness of reply.

If your blog has a different theme and you don't want to drag it off topic with posts about 23 Things you may consider creating a separate blog specifically for 23 Things - you would be welcome to do that if you let me know about the new blog. Or perhaps a separate category in your blog?


eastern funker said...

For those of us disguising/cloaking our blogs from being about 23 Things, is there another option/place where Task 23 can be done - commenting on the whole program?
For example, could a page/section be put here?

Priceless said...

I must admit I have enjoyed a lot of the 23 things after starting with little enthusiasm. I think Swinburne library and the University as a whole will have to consider a Second Life in the future.
I think blogs are fun, and could be used for inter-staff communication, but how much time will be used?
I think bookmarks and data that can be accessed from any computer is a way into efficient use of the internet.
Above all I think this 23 things course needs follow-up with sessions with IT staff to reinforce learning.