Friday, August 24, 2007

Welcome to 23 Things

23 Things encourages library staff to explore and become familiar with current web technologies. 23 Things is a joint project between the libraries of Swinburne University and Deakin University. Read a welcome to the program by Swinburne's Derek Whitehead and Deakin's Anne Horn.

Swinburne library staff can progress through the program at their own pace, but incentives are given to staff for completing objectives, including a small gift after completing the first 13 items and a major prize draw slated for early 2008 for all those who have completed the entire program.

Staff will be expected to document their progress during the program by writing about each step on their own blog, and they will be able to track each others' progress on the wiki.

Some staff may already be familiar with many of the things listed in the 23 Things, while others may not be. Staff who, for example, already use a feed reader, or flickr, or will be at an advantage because they can use their existing accounts and experience.

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