Monday, October 8, 2007

11. Subscribe to some blogs

For the final task this week, you'll learn how to find blogs on a particular topic of interest and keep up with them in your feed reader.

Technorati is a directory and search engine for blogs and blog posts. It lets you find blogs on any topic of interest to you. Technorati is not just a keyword-based search - it also tries to organise blogs using categories and tags.

Blogs on Technorati range from amateur, such as someone's travel blog, to professional. It also ranks blogs according to their authority - that is, according to how many other blogs link to items on each blog.

Your task

Your final task for this week is to locate some blogs about libraries and subscribe to them. You can find these using Technorati, a similar service such as Google Blog Search, or by following links from other people's blogs.

Don't forget to blog about this task as well, so we know what you're up to.

If you find a blog in Technorati and want to subscribe to it, click on the title of the blog. You'll then come to a page such as this one. Clicking the address just below the title, in this case, will get you to the blog, where you can subscribe to it by following the instructions in the previous task.

Example library related blogs

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TRR said...

If the feed reader you're using is Bloglines, you may be having trouble figuring out how to get started. Here is a guide to setting up Bloglines and adding subscriptions I found on another site. It looks like it may be helpful. Note that this is for those of you who chose to use Bloglines only.